Ofsted Citizenship Inspectors Visiting School This Week

Headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby

The Ofsted inspectors are visiting the Five Islands School today and tomorrow to assess the school’s performance in relation to citizenship.

That’s relates to how schools react with their surrounding community and prepare youngsters for every day life and community involvement.

Headteacher Bryce Wilby says it’s all about the role the school has within the community and he says they teach pupils about their role in society and the rights they should expect.

Bryce says the school has a significant impact in Scilly, probably because of the tight-knit nature of island life. And he says the school has encouraged older pupils to work with younger pupils or to visit Park House to help with care for the elderly.

Citizenship is not a formal lesson – Bryce says it’s incorporated into many subjects and into out of hours clubs.

But the school also organises whole day events including the 999-week, which allows pupils to work with the emergency services and learn how they serve the community.

Bryce also says they’ve recently added new initiatives to expand the youngsters’ cultural horizons beyond the islands. These included a year 6 exchange programme with Bristol and learning about fairtrade schemes.

Bryce says the school won’t be graded in the traditional way. The Ofsted inspectors will produce a full report describing their strengths and weaknesses.

But he said it’s a good chance to showcase the work they’re doing.