Lobster Release Site May Be Altered

Hell Bay, Bryher, near the planned lobster release site

Plans to release over three thousand juvenile lobsters into the waters to the west of Bryher, at Moon Rock, may be altered today because of sea and weather conditions.

A team of experts and divers including staff from the National Lobster Hatchery at Padstow are coming over today to triple the total number released off Scilly in an effort to preserve future stock levels.

Steve Watt, the Council’s Inshore Fisheries Officer, will be going to the release site on the rib, the Matt Lethbridge.

He feels that the strong west-southwesterly winds will force a change of location to the east of Saint Mary’s, possibly off Tolls Island.

Steve says the undersea conditions and water that are about the same and tagged lobsters have been monitored up to 5km from their original site, so that won’t make much of a difference.