Couple Wake To Find Uninvited Guest In Spare Room

Old Town, St Mary's

An Old Town couple dialled 999 just after seven o’clock yesterday morning when they awoke to find an uninvited guest had spent the night in their house.

The residents, who live in the vicinity of the old town cafe, found a woman in her mid 20s sleeping off the effects of alcohol in their spare bedroom.

It appears that she had become so inebriated and disorientated the previous evening that she misjudged where she was and went into the wrong property.

Sgt Charlie Craig, who was called out to the incident, says this might seem humorous, but it’s had a significant effect on the residents.

They were shocked to find the woman in their spare room and the residents, who say they haven’t needed to lock their door in the 40 years they have lived on the islands, have now dug out the key so it can’t happen again

The person woke up while Charlie was in the room and he says she could potentially have been arrested for burglary although this didn’t happen on this occasion.

Charlie says she was very embarrassed and apologised to the residents as she was leaving.