St Mary’s Councillor To Run London 10km Race

Gaz O'Neil

A St Mary’s Councillor is getting ready to take part in a physical challenge that he didn’t think he’d have a chance of entering a year ago.

It’s been a period of intense training for Gaz O’Neil as he prepares to run a 10km race from Hyde Park in London on Sunday.

He’s bringing in sponsorship cash to support the Cornish Shelterbox charity that has been widely supported in Scillly for its global disaster relief work.

He says it’s been a chance for him to raise some money for a good cause and at the same time get some well needed exercise, adding that, apart from running for last orders in the Mermaid, it’s the most exercise he’s done in 25 years.

But he’s enjoying the runs around St Mary’s which he describes as ‘calming’.

Gaz says his goal was to raise £600 to buy a single Shelterbox, but already his sponsorship is up to nearly £1000. There are collection boxes and sponsorship forms at the Deli and you can also sponsor him online at

Gaz isn’t sure yet if he’ll do it again. He says a step up to a half marathon may be on the cards but he’s waiting to see whether he survives this one first.