Rare Moths Spotted In Scilly

Oxyptilus leatus. Photo courtesy of Kris 'Spider' Webb

Just weeks after a rare bat was found in Scilly a type of moth that is very rare in the UK and which has never been found before on our islands has been discovered at  Deep Point.

Kris “Spider” Webb came across the unusual specimen sporting orange and white stripes.

There have been a few sightings of the micro plume moths recently one the mainland – four have been seen in Dorset and one on the Lizard.

Now local expert, Mick  Scott will send off a specimen for identification to the Natural History museum.

He thinks it is Oxyptilus leatus, which hail from the Canaries.

Mick, who has a patch of land filled with plants to attract moths at Longstone says he’s also come across a type which could be potentially new to Britain – a black veined moth.

It turned up on June 25th and he’s going to seek confirmation and should have results for both finds within the fortnight