MP Says Contributions To Elderly Care Should Be Linked To Wealth

Scilly MP, Andrew George

Scilly MP, Andrew George, has welcomed the Dilnot Commission Report into elder care.

However, Mr George, who is also a member of the Health Select Committee, said that those on modest and medium incomes deserve greater protection than the Dilnot Commission had proposed.

He wants honesty about ‘hotel’ or accommodation service charges, which will still have to be met by nursing and residential home residents.

The Dilnot review does not propose that the state pays the ‘board and lodging’ costs which can be as much £25,000 per annum.

He says that whilst Dilnot is right that savers and investors should be entitled to protect £100,000 of their capital, personal contributions to cover care costs should be proportionate to wealth so the wealthy should expect to have to pay above Dilnot’s notional cap of £35,000 for their lifetime care.