Divers Airlifted to Hospital

RNAS rescue helicopter from RAF Culdrose

St Marys Lifeboat, the St Agnes Coastguard and the RNAS Culdrose Helicopter were all called out yesterday morning after three divers were reported missing off the Western Rocks.

The lifeboat was launched just after 10.30am, when local divemaster Dave McBride reported that visitors on a week-long dive trip from Potters Bar had not surfaced at his boat, the Tiburon, at the agreed time, 45 minutes into a dive.

Dave says his safety protocol is to contact the emergency services if anybody is more than 15 minutes late.

Robert Francis’ boat the Gallos joined the search around the Wingletang Ledges.

The party was found to have drifted to Melledgan rock, 1 mile to the south, where one male surfaced normally from a depth of 37 metres, but a man and a woman were given first aid at the scene in the lifeboat.

They were taken by chopper to Derriford hospital in Plymouth for treatment in a decompression chamber.

The evacuated divers are expected to return to the islands to complete their holiday later in the week and will dive here again. They just need to figure out how they get back to Scilly with no clothes and no money.

The rest of the party went on to see the area near the Colossus wreck after the incident yesterday morning. Dave says they are a bit embarrassed but these things happen and he’s just glad that everything is okay.

He says you cannot imagine what goes through your head when you hear that one of your dive party is missing


2 Responses to Divers Airlifted to Hospital

  1. Todd Stevens July 6, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    It should be explained why these divers were not spotted surfacing on such a calm sunny morning. I was diving around the corner from the incident and saw the helicopter and lifeboat in operation. If the tide had brought the 3 divers my way, I beleive I’d have seen them on the surface from a good way off on such a day; waving arms of distress etc? It might only be luck that the pair airlifted away were not suffering from a serious bend, otherwise they might be in much more trouble now from the delay in being found.

  2. t roberts July 5, 2011 at 11:05 am

    The paramedic on board the culdrose helicopter was our old paramedic Wayne Davy