Chance To Track Down Scilly Bee This Week

You could spot the Scilly bee at Penninis Head

You’ll have two chances to track down the unique Scilly bee this week.

Starting today at 1pm, there’s a guided tour of Saint Mary’s life with plant and wildlife expert Rosemary Parslow.

She will be looking out for the insects and rare flowers on the walk from Holgate’s Green.

Rosemary will be trying to spot the Scilly bee, a golden coloured insect that is unique to our islands, but she’ll also be looking out for the varied flowering plants that provide such a rich environment for all bees here.

Rosemary believes that our flora and fauna is benefiting from the Wildlife Trust’s controversial land management and grazing policy. She told us she’s been recording the effects of the grazing and many plants are making a welcome comeback in the grazed areas, such as violets and the rare adderstone fern.

She says the plants were probably always growing under the bracken and gorse and the grazing has allowed them to reappear.

Rosemary says the birdsfoot trefoil is a particular favourite of the Scilly bee and a good place to try to spot them. She’ll also be on the look out for rare wild thyme.

The first tour on today will be around Penninis Head, walking along the coast path. And on Friday Rosemary will be taking a group to St Agnes, where the last recorded sighting of the Scilly bee was made.