AONB Conference Delegates To Visit Scilly

A delegation of conservation and wildlife management professionals will be brought over to the islands on Wednesday, as Scilly plays joint host of the National Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty conference.

There are 46 such designated areas in this country and we’re sharing the hosting of this year’s conference with the Tamar AONB.

The main conference is taking place at the University campus in Falmouth and delegates will learn about our waste management challenges and meet the Five Islands School Green Team members. The group of youngsters take a hands-on approach to recycling by melting down old bottles to create new items like key fobs and their green scheme has been hailed a major success in tackling waste plastics.

When the delegates visit Scilly, they’ll also watch Clare Lewis and the Green Team volunteers clean Town beach before they are taken to Lunnon farm to learn about the history of farming and diversification into tourism. After lunch a trip is planned to the Garrison to learn about the Wildlife Trust’s management of the landscape and other grazing issues.

AONB Officer, Trevor Kirk, says it’s a chance for our team to learn about their counterparts’ activities as well as highlighting the unique challenges we face here in Scilly.