Health Watchdog Seeking Your Views On NHS Changes

The islands’ health watchdog, Link, is inviting you to give your views on plans for the future of healthcare.

There are going to be significant changes to healthcare delivery on the islands, with the hospital potentially leaving direct NHS management and a social enterprise company likely to take control from next April.

And NHS bosses are still undecided over what happens next with the GP practise with no new operating contract being awarded yet.

Carol Clark from Link told us that islanders are being invited to two sessions on Thursday, where NHS managers will explain how care is currently delivered and the changes that are planned. Then she’ll ask you how you’d improve things.

Carol says they’ve not looked at the different health services in isolation, but more at the way people access those services. For example, they’ve looked at immediate or emergency care, such as the GP and dental surgery as well as long term care, where there needs to be coordination across many different areas.

And she says that, while they may want to offer as many services here as possible, we cannot do everything and some care will still need to be provided on the mainland, such as specialist ultrasound scanning, where the skills and equipment required make it impractical to have locally in Scilly.

But she says there may be ways to adopt new technology, such as videoconferencing, which would allow a consultant to treat a patient remotely from Truro and save a trip to the mainland.

Carol says they want you to think about why you contact the NHS and how that service could be improved, irrespective of which of the current providers, the Council, the health centre or the hospital, delivers it.

And she believes there is no hidden agenda or plan and that the NHS staffs are genuinely keen to hear ideas.

Rachel Crawley from the NHS will oversee the consultation at the Town Hall with 2 sessions planned on Thursday, at 11am and 7pm.