College To Study Benefits Of Our Islands’ Environment

St Martin's

European cash is being used to part fund a three-year research study into how the landscape and environment of our islands is beneficial to our health and how that could be exploited commercially.

The Truro-based Peninsular College of Medicine and Dentistry is working with the University of Exeter to find a student to undertake the research as part of a Ph.D. project. The postgraduate will get just over £17,000 for the study.

Dr Tim Taylor says they’re interested to find out whether the peaceful nature of our islands could be beneficial to people recovering from mental illnesses.

The report will also assess whether there is any potential for new products or services that link in the environment and landscape and can boost our economy.

Focus groups will quiz locals and visitors and the student will work closely with the Council and the Duchy.

Dr Taylor says it’s early days yet but they hope to begin the project in October. The student wouldn’t be living here all the time but would come over regularly.