Local NHS Targets Childhood Obesity

St Mary's Health Centre

Our local NHS is encouraging families in Scilly to help reverse rising obesity rates.

National Childhood Obesity Week starts next week and the Primary Care Trust’s Felicity Owen, says they are supporting the National Child Measurement Programme, which records the height and weight of children in the first and last years of primary school.

The results are used to inform parents of their own child’s growth progress and to enable health professionals to target additional support where it is most needed.

Part of the reason for targeting this age group is a growth in rates of type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity and is increasingly being seen in younger people, including children.

Her team advises no more than 200 milliltres of fruit juice a day as it contains sugar.

More guidance notes are available at the health centre.

National surveys have found that youngsters in the islands are less likely to be overweight and experts suggest this is because of our outdoor lifestyle and lack of junk food outlets.