Photo Reignites Garrison Ghost Story

Is this the lady in a blue cloak?

Has an infamous St Mary’s ghost been caught on camera?

A couple staying at Colossus Guesthouse feel they may have snapped the famous woman wearing a blue cloak.

On their return from taking photographs on the Garrison, they saw what they believe is a hooded figure in blue.

There have been many sightings of a similar apparition over the years and local resident, Barbara Simpson, published a novel based on historical records about the woman who it is said repeatedly haunts the hill.

From Radio Scilly

Barbara Simpson tells us about the many sightings of the “Lady in Blue”

Barbara says there is a lot of speculation about the ghost, which is thought to be Anne Batten. She is said to have had a stillborn baby but was tried for its murder and the baby’s death fuels stories about her activities.

Barbara says the image is very exciting and as far as she’s aware, the first time someone’s caught the ghost on camera.

She said there have been sightings all over the Garrison, including Star Castle Hotel, and the batteries, and she was even seen to walk through a bathroom in Garrison House.

She added that the descriptions of the ghost always seem to match, being a woman in a blue cloak, and many are from people who were totally unaware of the story beforehand.


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