Biggest Release Of Juvenile Lobsters Planned For Sea Off Bryher

Hell Bay, Bryher

Over three thousand juvenile lobsters will be released into the waters off Bryher on Wednesday as part of a programme to safeguard future stock levels.

It’s the largest number brought over to Scilly so far from the Padstow Hatchery – in the first year of the project, in 2010, they let a thousand go.

Mainland staff will be assisted by Scilly divers, Tim Allsop and Dave McBride, as well as mainland volunteer divers.

Dominic Boothroyd from the Hatchery says locals know the seabed and the best release spots. The lobsters need small boulders and stones, overlying silt and mud in an area that is not repeatedly hit by storms or run over by trawlers. The lobsters dig a burrow that they can live in for a year or more.

Philip Callan from the Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher

Volunteer and Hell Bay Hotel Manager, Philip Callan, says lobster hatchery team will draw more attention here than they may get on the mainland. They’ll have a cameraman diving with them during the release and he’s hoping to get some good shots.


He added that, these days, people are more aware of the environment and it’s great to help put something back into the seas.

The young lobsters are currently about an inch long and it’ll be several more years before they’re big enough to be caught.