Islands’ Youngster Invited To ‘Big Brother’ Style Feedback

Helen McGuinness at the Youth Hub

Adult residents have had their say in the Council’s community consultation and today it’s a chance for the under 16s to guide future children’s and young people’s services on the islands.

The last engagement exercise created the Young Persons 2008 to 2011 Plan. Now Council staff want to put together a new action plan leading up to 2014.

As part of the process, there’ll be another unusual sight outside the Carn Thomas offices.

After the ice rink last week, there’ll be an inflatable ‘Big Brother’ style diary room where youngsters will be asked to sound off about concerns and their responses recorded on DVD.

Helen McGuinness says the last feedback exercise showed kids wanted better information on choices during transition – that’s when they move from primary to secondary school or from secondary school to a mainland college. Previously there were requests for more organised holiday activities and Helen says they’ve met many of these requirements.

From Radio Scilly

Helen McGuiness talks about the youth consultation exercise

She says her department now offers advice on the difference between island and mainland life, such as getting around on a bus and awareness about safety late at night, things kids here in Scilly aren’t be exposed to.

And she says the unusual diary room is a chance for young people to “throw everything on the table.” They’ll be asked about life on the islands together with some fun questions such as “who would you like to be President of Scilly?”

Helen says she’ll be looking for any constant themes that emerge during the sessions and which may become a priority for her department in the future.