Refurbished Police Station Now Fully Operational

PC Mark Blyth outside the refurbished police station

St Mary’s refurbished police station has now opened.

The police base stayed operational throughout the building work but now the new layout is being used on a day-to-day basis.

PC Mark Blythe gave us a tour around the new facilities.

He says that St Mary’s is one of the few stations in the Devon and Cornwall force that retains a front desk after refurbishment. Many police operations no longer have a public enquiries area.

PCs Mark Blyth and Mat Collier behind the new front desk

But the most significant change is that people can be held or questioned away from view by other visitors to the station. There’s a separate processing area, known as a sterile area, away from the front desk.

Mark says they still have only two cells but it’s a more welcoming, updated version of the police station.