New Incidents Of Damage Reported To Wildlife Trust Property

Ponies grazing within the Wildlife Trust areas

St Mary’s police are investigating fresh cases of criminal damage against Wildlife Trust property.

These new incidents, which started over the bank holiday weekend, include damage to fences on Peninnis Head and the Garrison, in both cases leading to the animals escaping. And there were two incidents of damage to the fences on Peninnis again last week.

A spate of vandalism including wire cutting and fence damage was reported to the police last summer.

The Trust believes these incidents were linked to the strong opposition to the their land management policy, which favours the use of cattle and horses to graze penned in areas.

Objectors don’t like the electric or regular fencing and some believe the local landscape has been affected by the grazing.

David Mawer of the Wildlife Trust says he is at a loss to understand why this activity has happened again now.

He told us that the Trust is in discussions with the formal objectors and has modified their grazing areas to keep animals away from the footpaths. He believes they’ve taken all the steps they can to make it acceptable for people out walking.

David says that the cost of the damage does mount up, with both fence posts and the yellow warning signs having to be replaced and he’s urged anyone who has seen any suspicious activity to let the police know.