Summer Ice Rink Is Big Hit

Jo Probert holds onto the side at Carn Thomas ice rink

Some youngsters and their parents took to the Carn Thomas temporary ice rink with grace and style yesterday.

However, some ended up on their backsides and may be sporting bruises today.

But the organisers of the weekend activity reckon it was a success.

Jim Johnson says the rink was busy from the time they opened, with no serious injuries and just a few bumps and bruises

And he says people of all ages have been enjoying the experience.

The rink doesn’t use real ice but has a plastic surface, similar to melamine chopping boards.

Skater Liam Herring says it’s more slippery than real ice adding it’s a great opportunity for kids to enjoy skating without having to go to the mainland.

The rink proved popular with parents.

Jo Probert went around the rink with her son George. She says this is the first time she’s skated since she was 13 and joked she might have done better with one of the infants’ balance aids.

Jo says there’s less grip than real ice and she “wouldn’t be attempting any triple salkos.”

George rated his mum’s performance as “alright for someone who hasn’t skated for a few years.”

Jim isn’t sure whether they’ll do the event again although he says if the feedback is positive they may bring it back and he says it’s certainly cheaper to bring the ice rink here than taking 25 youngsters to the nearest mainland rink in Plymouth.

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