New Play Park Opens At Porthcressa

Kids enjoy new play park for first time

The new £40,000 play park at the side of Porthcressa Beach has been used for the first time by teenagers.

Pupils from the Five Islands School helped choose the equipment that includes a slide, swings and a climbing frame.

It uses mainly wooden Scandinavian play equipment designed to suit older children and replaces a previously removed playground.

Primary age and younger kids will still have the ‘ship’ play park on the Garrison.

When planning permission for this new site was granted, local councillor, resident and guesthouse owner, Sheila Thomas, voiced concern that it could end up as a drinking place for much older residents. She says it’s an ideal place for drunken people to congregate after the pubs or disco close.

And Sheila is concerned that the play park is already being used by kids before being in a fit state.

She says there are no barriers to separate it from the pathway, which is still used by vehicles, and there are large granite rocks protruding from the ground.

However, the youngsters that we spoke to gave a big thumbs up to the new park.

One younger resident, Phoebe, says people complain about youngsters hanging around the Co-op or the Park, and it’s great to have somewhere to go, away from the houses, where they can make as much noise as they want. Phoebe added that she would tell someone if she saw the play park being used for drinking.

That’s a sentiment shared by friend Jess, who says she wouldn’t want older people using the site and ruining it for the youngsters.