New Book Details Life Of Scilly’s Most Notorious Pirate

A new book detailing one of the most ruthless and notorious pirates of the 1600s, who plundered hundreds of ships passing our islands, will be published next weekend.

Local diver and historian Todd Stevens has chronicled Scilly’s own pirate.

The book dispels any romantic suggestion that pirates were glamorous and goes into detail about the cold hard characteristic of a robber who was beyond the reach of the authorities at the time.

Captain Mucknell stole his 44-gun ship from the East India Company, his employer and marooned half of the crew on an island before coming here to form a pirate force from local mariners.

From Radio Scilly

Todd Stevens talks about his new book

His ship terrorised the waters of Scilly for four years before the King was forced to step in and put a stop to his activities.

Todd says Captain Mucknell was a real rogue, who kidnapped people and even cut off their ears.

He says the islanders would have benefited from his activities and some may have even have viewed him as a Robin Hood-type figure.

The book, “Pirate John Mucknell and the Hunt for the Wreck of the John” will be in islands’ bookshops or available from Todd next week.