Scilly Stamp Could Be On Your Next Postcard

Rev Charlie Gibbs with one of his stamps

An influential Scilly resident has suggested the islands should introduce their own stamps.

The Reverend Charlie Gibbs says that some islands in the British Isles produce stamps as visitors’ souvenirs or payment for mail to the mainland and we should consider doing the same thing here.

He has been making his own stamps and using them on letters sent across the islands in tandem with Royal Mail stamps to gauge interest. He’s sent out about a dozen so far and says he’s waiting to see what response he gets back.

Charlie says a lot of visitors ask him for Isles of Scilly stamps and he thinks they could be very popular – he’s thinking of producing them himself to sell for chapel funds.

He adds “It’s a little thing but could put a smile on people’s faces.”

Lundy and the Welsh islands of Bardsey and Caldey have been producing their own stamps for decades. We’ve also been told by Susan Wood that, in the 1970s and 1980s, the island of Gugh produced stamps. Susan says she still has one attached to a postcard sent to her grandparents in 1972.

One of Charlie's stamps


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