Natural England Officials Tour Islands

Two Senior officials from Natural England, the Government agency that works closely with the the Isles Of Scilly Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, have toured the islands and heard about conservation issues here.

Jim Smiley and James Marsden, the Marine Director, were accompanied by Philip Hygate and AONB Officer, Trevor Kirk, to St Martin’s to see how that island deals with conservation.

Trevor says the visitors got to learn about Scilly’s rural issues and conservation successes and the trip included a visit to Churchtown farm to look at the flower growing operation and discuss the islands’ capacity for diversification into livestock.

From Radio Scilly

Trevor Kirk Talks About the AONB Visit…

Trevor added that the longstanding relationship between the islands and Natural England is an important one and the visitors are “hands-on guys” who can offer practical and technical advice on the management of the environment.

He says Defra is cutting the amount of cash that the AONB receive by 23% over the next five years.