Plans To Fix Hugh Town’s Antiquated Sewers

Problem point for Hugh Town sewer

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for Hugh Town’s antiquated sewers.

Council staff are attempting to deal with blockages and the disruption that raised manhole covers cause in Hugh Street, by releasing a fat digesting enzyme.

But the real problem is the system itself, which was laid in 1938.

The widest pipe is just 9 inches wide and only runs from the paper shop to the Bishop and Wolf Pub.

The Town Hall wrote an action plan in 2002 and now Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner says he’s had meaningful conversations with Government departments about funding the works.

Part of the solution will be to create an underground holding area for sewage under the car park behind the Town Hall. It would need a state-of-the-art underground pumping station.

He says they have indentified where the cash could come from – now they just need those parties to pay.

He’s hopeful that when Defra visit, they’ll see that the work needs doing and get the ball rolling.