Islands’ Pigeon Rescuer Overwhelmed Following Storms

Patsy Swanborough with a rescued pigeon

Scilly’s volunteer pigeon rescuer says she’s been overwhelmed with the number of birds that she’s had to send back to owners after weekend storms blew them off course.

The birds got lost during a race from Penzance back to Ireland.

Patsy Swanborough says many are lying around the islands exhausted and some have been run over.

She needs more assistance so she can contact their owners and arrange their transportation back to the mainland.

Patsy told us yesterday that, having just sent back 18 birds to their owners, she arrived back to find even more on her doorstep. She is also upset that many of the birds have been run over.

When told about two pigeons trying to enter the Bishop and Wolf yesterday, she says she’s not surprised as they will be disorientated and feel safer inside.

She’s so busy repatriating the birds that she’s even having to pay someone else to do the housework and the phone is ringing constantly.