Father Urges Islanders To Send Home Comforts To Service Personnel

The father of a soldier serving in Afghanistan is appealing for islanders to support British forces there by sending gifts.

Tony Smith’s son, Edie, is in on a third tour of duty disabling explosive devices laid by the Taliban, in order to stop the loss of military and civilian lives in Helmand Province.

His base is only accessible by helicopter, an old compound claimed from the Taliban with no mess tent or mobile army kitchen.

The men have to live for up to 3 months at a time on army ration packs.

Tony says the men would love some home comforts like shower gel, roll-on deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes and comfort foods like ‘Super Noodles’, hot dogs, biscuits and sweets. It’s too hot for chocolate.

Tony says the islands’ post offices will send parcels to the military there for free if they are under 2kgs.

He would like people here to show that they care during this, Armed Forces Week.

The Armed Forces Day events begin with a parade down The Strand at 1.30pm on Saturday.