Council To Obtain Trading Standards Services From Cornwall

You may have seen television programmes about trading standards officers who go into businesses to make sure products live up to their descriptions and consumers are not being ripped off.

Councils have a statutory duty to offer the service but at the moment there’s nobody doing it at the town Hall.

That’s set to change and from later this year and unhappy shoppers may have somewhere to turn.

Council Officer David Senior is arranging a contract to bring Cornwall Council staff over to check label descriptions, weights and measures.

They’ll be likely to see whether fuel or beer pumps are dispensing the amount you have been charged for and also keep an eye on food sales in shops.

At the moment, Environmental Health Officer, Lynda Carter, comes over under a similar arrangement to inspect restaurant kitchens.

David anticipates one or two visits per year from qualified officers.

He says that nobody on the Town Hall payroll has a sufficient level of training or knowledge of the legal aspects of trading standards legislation and our Council doesn’t have the expensive measurement equipment needed.

And in a close-knit community it may be better to have someone come over from the mainland.

The new arrangement should start later in the summer.