Council To Request Passenger Data From Transport Companies

St Mary's Airport

We have the 10th busiest regional airport in the UK but Council and airport staff don’t know what percentage of users are visitors or islanders returning from medical appointments and there’s no data on how many of the users are coming over on Town Hall or government business either.

Now, Councillor Fred Ticehurst has led a call for the transport providers to offer data on their customers reasons for travel to, help the Tourist Board and airport plan for the future.

The two companies have not handed over information previously as it has been deemed commercially sensitive.

Howard Cole from the airport management team told councillors they know the numbers of passengers, split between the 2 companies, but don’t have access to a breakdown on use.

Vice Chair of Council, Marian Bennett thought the information could be relatively easy to obtain by looking at people booking as part of the loyalty club.

Councillor Julia Day says the Council has data on their staff mainland trips and the hospital may have similar statistics which can be gathered without the cooperation of the transport providers but added that the Council should still put pressure on the transport companies to get the data if at all possible.

In the future, Chris Thomas, suggested that coding could be used on tickets to determine the category the user would fall into.

Howard will ask Skybus and British International Helicopters for a breakdown of the figures.