Scilly Brochure Wins Best Cover Award

Sophie Hughes with the award-winning brochure

Scilly’s tourism team has won a Best Brochure Cover award for the Islands’ guide for the second year in a row.

Sophie Hughes from the Tourist Information Centre says the award, sponsored by Carrier Direct, tells us we have the most persuasive cover across the whole of the country.

Sophie says the image, by St Mary’s photographer Chris Hall, follows the year-on-year theme of a single boat in crystal-clear, shallow waters and was obviously the perfect image to choose.

That picture was selected by the brochure committee of the tourist board and picked out by judges in the competition, which is being held in St Asaph in North Wales tonight.

And Sophie says the hunt is on for something that will raise the bar even further – the cover changes every year and will continue the theme of a boat on the water and she wants another stunning image that says “come to Scilly, right now!”