Longstone Centre Hopes To Reopen Soon

Longstone Centre and Cafe

The Long Stone Centre and Cafe remains closed but its owners hope to open for business before they lose too much of the season.

Sonia Scott says they’ve had to shut the doors because of a water leak and she says it isn’t the sort where you can just put in a small bucket and tell people to watch out for it – it runs along the edge where two buildings join.

It’s not a major job but all the islands’ builders seem to be busy at the moment and if it still isn’t fixed by the end of July then summer opening will be unlikely.

Sonia says she’s being stopped on a daily basis by people wanting to know what’s happening.

And she says there has been a misunderstanding with a window sign saying closed for the season – it relates to a notice posted at the end of last year.

If the leaking roof is fixed Sonia is hoping for a roaring trade in August.