Families Invited To Children’s Centre

Posted by Meriel Williams

The Children’s Centre based on St Mary’s offers a wide range of opportunities for families and carers across the islands.

Each week is different with a wide range of activities and social opportunities for children and adults to gather together in a playful environment.

Learning through play is absolutely amazing and children get so much from joining in with the activities that we host at the centre.

This week we have had a “Giant Junk Modelling” play session where children and adults could be creative and imaginative in constructing their own ideas using recycled junk!

The skills and learning that took place throughout the morning were incredible, little one’s who had been to a fairground on the mainland re-created a carousel with horses just like the one’s they had ridden on, one little person made their Mummies boat, another little one made a brilliant Robot, called, “The Robot.”

Despite it being probably one of the wettest mornings in June, over 40 adults and children came and joined in with the fun, including a number of visiting families who enjoyed accessing our services and meeting and playing with local families.

Over the next few weeks the Children’s Centre also invites families along to….

  • Wednesday 22nd June, 10-12 in the Play Zone Musical Movement
  • Monday 27th June, 10-11.30, in the Main Hall, Weaning Session with Health Support Worker
  • Wednesday 29th June, 9.30-11.30am a Toddle Waddle to feed the ducks, followed by cake and adventures on Harry’s Walls

Keep an eye out for July’s activities on the Council website, www.scilly.gov.uk or contact the Children’s Services Office on (01720) 423680 or e-mail earlyyears@scilly.gov.uk