Poor Weather Doesn’t Put Damper On Argyle Soccer Weekend

Youngsters taking part in the Argyle training session on the Garrison

While choppy seas put paid to a St Agnes-based coaching session with the five visiting Plymouth Argyle football professionals on Friday, the wind and rain over the weekend didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of 60 Five Islands School football players who enjoyed the skills development weekend on the Garrison.

Organiser Helen Glenn hopes the St Agnes event on the island’s multiuse games area can be rescheduled.

The sessions split the youngsters into competing teams and rewarded them on their group or individual performances.

Peter ‘Foxy’ Foxwell is the full-time football development manager for the Argyle Football Development Trust.

It’s Foxy’s fourth visit to our islands and he’s impressed with the standard of the youngsters, saying there’s some real talent here.

There are several players that he says he would love to bring to the Argyle Development Centres and he has no doubt they would make the grade if they were on the mainland, but he admits the problems with getting the youngsters to the mainland means they’re missing out on the opportunity.

He added that there are youth players here that the talent scouts would be interested in, picking out Beth Thomas for special note, saying she’s an exceptional girls player and the Cornwall under 18s girls’ coaches have already noticed her talent.

Foxy says he wants to keep the relationship between islanders and Plymouth Argyle going and he’d be delighted to come over again if invited.

Helen says the plan is try to get our kids over to the mainland for more football experience and to see a full stadium game being played.

She says seeing the youngsters have such a good time made her weekend and the weather made no difference at all.

Prizes were awarded on skills, attitude and effort to Josh Blyth, Louis Asten, Corey Graham, Ethan Graham, James Hathway, Jack Handy, Maddie Sibley, Keith Guy, Evie Jenkins and Charlie Bird.

All the players’ individual points were added to their team total. Winners were:

In the Mini category – Jack Handy for Team Jamaica and Louis Asten for Team Spain.
In the Seniors category  – Jack Vaughan was singled out for Team Jamaica
In the older ‘OAP’ category – Zoe Hitchens was recognised for her efforts with Team Jamaica.

The Argyle coaches monitor all players over the whole weekend and choose a ‘Player of the Weekend’, someone that they feel has shown enthusiasm, great attitude and skills.

This year’s winner was Baiden Thomas.