Councillors Approve Reservoir Solar Panels Plan

Telegraph area of St Mary's

Councillors have approved a plan to put solar panels on top of the Telegraph reservoir but it will still be up to the planning committee to give it the final go-ahead.

Head of Technical Services, Neville Gardner, said he hoped they wouldn’t be controversial as they will be invisible from the road.

It’s thought that the use of the photovoltaic cells could generate almost 4 kW of electricity, enough to offset the amount of power consumed by the two pressure pumps that help water flow to High Lanes, McFarland’s Down and Trenoweth, where the properties are at the same level as the reservoir.

Neville also says that the cooling effect of the solar panels on the water could reduce the amount of chemicals needed in the reservoir operation.

It’ll cost £20,000 to put the 22 panels in and its thought the money will be clawed back in savings within 10 years.

Neville quoted the Governor of the Bank of England who recently suggested there may be major rises in energy prices and that means the payback time could be even shorter.