Trampoline Safety Campaign Aims To Cut Injuries Toll

Children in Scilly are being warned about the dangers of using trampolines.

Trampolines and other outdoor play equipment are known to put 60 under-18s in hospital with serious injuries every year in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

That’s according to Beth Beynon, from the NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly’s Public Health team, who told us that most at-risk are children aged under 10 who suffer 41% of the injuries from outdoor play equipment in the under 18s age group.

The risk tends to decrease with age and competency but in extreme cases the potential is there for the injuries to be lifelong, if skeletal or nerve damage is caused.

Many more youngsters are known to attend Emergency Departments and Minor Injury Units requiring treatment.

They say most accidents are happening when there is more than one child using the trampoline at the same time or children are attempting difficult moves that require professional training such as somersaults.

The trampoline-related injury toll naturally rises in the warm summer months as more children take to the outdoors to play.

A leaflet has been produced with some top safety tips and will be available at the children’s centers, and the GP surgery.