Pensioners Rescued After Kayak Trip Goes Wrong

St Mary's Harbourmaster, Dale Clark

Three pensioners are lucky to be alive after a kayaking trip from St Agnes to St Mary’s went wrong in the stormy conditions yesterday afternoon.

The Coastguard and harbour team were alerted when the woman in the party made it ashore at St Mary’s Harbour and told harbourmaster Dale Clark that she had split up with her colleagues during the crossing and was the only person who had made it.

She described a boat that had passed when she lost her colleagues which Dale recognized as the Spirit of St Agnes and owner John Peacock confirmed he had only seen the woman.

The coastguard was launched and the harbour team found the men waving on the rocks between the Steval Battery and Woolpack Battery.

The party was making the crossing with camping kit before a planned stay at the St Mary’s Garrison campsite and they lost some equipment – and one of the kayaks had taken a battering and was a write-off.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark said the conditions were in no way good enough to go out in a kayak.