Buntzig Motorcycle Club Hold Charity Barbecue

Buntzig Motorcycle Club at the Old Town Inn

Scilly’s bikers got their leathers on yesterday for the 2nd Buntzig Motorcycle Club fundraising barbecue.

25 motorbikes and their owners lined up in the car park of the Old Town Inn for the barbecue which raised £600 for the air ambulance.

Ales of Scilly brewer, Mark Praeger, brewed a special Buntzig ale for the event.

Organiser Alan Hartwell says last years event, the first for the group, was a bit last minute and only happened because Gordon Abbott had a box of burgers approaching their use-by date in his freezer.

Alan says more thought has gone into this year’s event and he’d like to see it develop in future years, including inviting clubs from the mainland, although he admits this could be a challenge logistically.

Colin Downie with his 1976 Honda

Alan says it’s great to see a mix of bikes this year, with some bigger machines and a few more classics.

Colin Downie won the “Oldest Bike in Show” award. It’s a 1976 Honda, a bike he admired as a boy, which he bought recently on eBay. He said it took him 7 hours to get it going and today was it’s first outing.

Colin hasn’t owned a bike in 10 years but he says you never forget how to ride one.