Waste Removal Hot Topic At Council Consultation Session

There wasn’t a massive turnout to the consultation and engagement session at the Wesleyan Chapel yesterday but Council staff say they’re pleased that 30 islanders turned up to ask questions and express their opinions on Council services.

St Martin’s had the highest off-island response rate – 12 people went to the reading room to view the display boards giving an overview of all of the council services including Life Long Learning, The Isles Of Scilly Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Youth Services and Social Services.

Removal of waste was a hot topic and many attendees viewed a video produced by the Council’s Technical Services Department.

Neville Gardner says he was delighted with the interest in the footage of ‘Jaws’ and ‘Gnasher’. Jaws is a 360-degree, South Korean-built, swing shovel and Gnasher is a German-made ‘fragmenter’, a sort of giant shredder.

The video showed how these new machines reduce the size of waste material by a factor of 10 by grabbing and crushing rubbish at the dump. They have removed around 300 trailer loads of rubbish since going into service.

Helen McGuinness and Jonny Roberts at yesterday's Council Consultation session in Hugh Town

Neville says it’s making inroads into the backlog of rubbish at the dump and is effective in crushing the most difficult to deal with waste – interior sprung mattresses – they can shred five of them in one action.

Aisling Hick says attendees have also wanted to talk about elder care and some off islanders have asked the council to ensure that they are given local provision in addition to proposals for elder care housing on St Mary’s. She said that the concept is more than just a building – it also is about how you transform services delivered for people.

She felt that there was lots of praise for the Authority’s youth services. Young people have not turned out to the consultation but Helen McGuinness says that they’ll have a chance to feedback from 1st July.

The council has hired an inflatable unit room, similar to the diary room from TV’s Big Brother, so younger people can sit in it and have their comments on what the Council needs to do recorded on a DVD.

Jenny Bagnall says one of the next moves will be to improve the user interface of the Council’s website.

Some attendees wanted to talk to the Council Chairman, Mike Hicks, outside the public space yesterday. Feedback forms were left for the public to fill in and Jenny says people will be able to return the forms anonymously if they are more comfortable with that.

This evening, the final roadshow will be held at 5.45pm in the St Agnes Reading Room.