School Pupils Take Part In Speedwatch Initiative

WPC Lucy Mapplethorpe with the Year 6 pupils

Drivers on Carn Thomas Hill may have been surprised this morning to see a group of school children with a speed camera.

The Year 6 pupils from the Five Islands School were taking part in the Speedwatch initiative, under the guidance of Sgt Charlie Craig, PCSO Shirley Graham and Special Constable Lucy Mapplethorpe.

Lucy said the children were surprised with the speed readings – the highest they measured was 36mph, well below the 60mph speed limit, but the kids thought that the cars were going much faster.

Shirley told us that the 17 pupils were split into two groups, one using the speed gun to measure driver’s speed down Carn Thomas, and the other pulling drivers over to answer questions about the speed limit on the islands.

She added that most drivers were happy to answer questions once they’d realised they hadn’t done anything wrong!

The site at Carn Thomas is where one of the recently-proposed, lower speed limit zones would start and she said the majority of the motorist they pulled over supported the proposal.

Shirley said it’s tempting to speed up as you crest the hill but it can be dangerous, especially around the gig sheds and the entrance to the industrial estate, adding that the increase in golf buggies on the island’s roads is an extra hazard for drivers.