Islands’ Carers Encouraged To Seek Help

Jeanette Persich from Social Services

It’s National Carers Week and on the islands, Social Services staff member Jeanette Persich, is marking the occasion with events to encourage people who look after others to find out about support networks and cash assistance that are available.

There are 25 people on the islands who’ve come forward to join the carers support group, which started three years ago, but Jeanette thinks there are more people who haven’t and could benefit from the support on offer.

She says there are a lot of carers that don’t realise that they’re carers – they don’t seek recognition or help for what they’re doing and just go about their daily lives with the added duties of being a carer.

And Jeanette says many carers are in their 60s and 70s so really could benefit from the extra help.

There’ll be a tea and cake session at Covean on St Agnes today.

Tomorrow, there’s a similar event on St Martin’s at the Reading Room at 10.30am.

On Thursday, carers will be invited to the Wheelhouse on St Marys and the last of these week’s events will be at the Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher on Friday.