Delay In Scilly NHS Transfer

There’s been a delay in approving the transfer of NHS staff and resources in Scilly to a new not-for-profit company outside the NHS.

The local NHS was set to approve it in March, but they are now going to make that decision at the end of this month because the Primary Care Trust raised questions about finances and contingencies.

Next week, our hospital staff will be addressed by the man who hopes to gain approval for the transfer to a new company.

Kevin Baber, from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly PCT, will come over to explain how the process will affect staff, staffing levels and arrangements and he’ll outline how he intends there to be closer working with the town hall.

Kevin told us that the PCT has brought in consultants to review the business plan for the new company and hopes the NHS will approve the transfer.

He says that care has been taken to get assurances that all processes will be robust in the new organisation, since it has no previous track record.

He also told us that he’s aware there has been some pressures on hospital staff but the challenge for the hospital will be to ensure the right level of staffing to provide services and also deal with peaks and troughs in demand, for example in maternity services.

Kevin says that the initial contract, for four and a half years, should be plenty of time to establish the new company and let it ‘find its feet.’

He’s also keen for the new provider to work closely with the council social services organisation on the islands to share the burden of care.