Islands’ School Tackles Bullying

The Five Islands School at Carn Thomas

The Five Islands School is working with pupils to identify and deal with problems that lead to bullying.

Bryce Wilby, Headmaster of the Five Islands School admitted there have been some incidents reported recently at the school but added that bullying is a real issue for all schools and any that say it’s not going on are just unaware of it. He says no pupils have walked out of the school over bullying but there have been situations were pupils were very upset.

And he doesn’t accept that it’s a part of life saying school should encourage an environment where everyone is valued equally.

Bryce says schools need to take steps to remedy it and his goal is to work closely with parents and staff to make the situation better for pupils. Pupils have discussed and debated bullying and he wants everyone to “keep working on the issue, to make sure it’s second nature to everyone and ensure the school is a safe welcoming place where everyone wants to be.”

He says the school does not brush these incidents under the carpet, but actively works with pupils, adding, “We’ve done work on who to tell and how to tell, whether you’re a victim of bullying or whether you witness bullying.”