Alan Sugar Lives Up To Grumpy Image During Visit

Alan Sugar at St Mary's Airport yesterday

Alan Sugar lived up to his grumpy TV persona yesterday during a trip to Scilly.

The star of the BBC1 show, The Apprentice, certainly wasn’t very talkative while he had a tuna sandwich and cup of tea at St Mary’s Airport.

He confirmed that it was his first visit to our islands.

Lord Sugar flew his Cirrus light aircraft into St Mary’s Airport with two colleagues at around 2pm on Saturday lunchtime although he spent most of his 30 minute visit to Scilly poring over aviation maps.

Sallyport resident, Mandy Jones, asked him for a photograph with her four month old grandson, Harry and he told her to wait for him to finish mapreading.

Twenty minutes later, when he said he was ready, Mandy told him not to bother. She told us she felt he was rude.

But then perhaps he needs to concentrate on his flying – Sugar crashed a 4-seater plane at Manchester Airport in 2008.