Travellers Urged to Check Parking Bookings In Penzance

If you’re parking your car in Penzance before coming over to Scilly, you’re being advised to check that your booking is still valid.

Chris Jones of the Bell Rock Hotel has heard from guests who have turned up expecting to leave their vehicles in their pre-booked parking only to discover the car park is a building site.

On its website, The Penzance Parking Company claims to be just 250 metres from the boat and has, until recently, been suggested as parking solution by the Steamship Company.

The car park website now says they are no longer taking bookings and people who have arranged a space may find that no-one answers the mobile phone when they turn up and can’t find anywhere to park.

Our attempts yesterday to contact the head of the company led to an overseas ringing tone on his mobile and no answer.

Richard Emslie from Isles of Scilly Parking in Penzance, a separate company who are trading as normal, says some people have turned up at his car park in tears with minutes to go before they are meant fly or sail and he says he has tried to offer last minute parking as much as he can.

But he can’t guarantee that any of his 180 spaces will be free if people turn up without bookings.

We understand that the  matter has been referred to Trading Standards.