Sea Shanty Group Bone Idle To Play At Royal Cornwall Show

Sea Shanty group, Bone Idle

Members of the St Mary’s-based sea shanty singing group, Bone Idle, are hoping their voices will hold out over three days of the Royal Cornwall show.

Eight of the lads have gone to the mainland for their biggest appearance to date.

They’ll perform 10 sets of 45min sessions during the event.

The islanders will spend their time between the stages of the Western Morning News and a Cornish ice-cream maker.

They have a new song in their repertoire, ‘Rattle Them Winches’. It’s also expected they’ll have a sing – off with Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends.

Giles Lethbridge says it isn’t the first time that they have been paid for performance – they’ve been remunerated at a gig in Bristol previously. And he says they intend to peddle their CD albums relentlessly.

Giles says they now have regulars who turn up at their performances. Some travel to hear the boys from as far away as Devon.

After the show they’ll head off to the Sea Shanty Festival in Falmouth.

He is hopeful that one day their fame will extend to Somerset.

The lineup consists of Giles, Derek Shaves, Mark Hicks, Nick George, Robin Baker, Paul Hicks, Ian Wrigley and George Muge.