Pupils Raise Cash For School Garden Project

Pupils from Tresco and Bryher School take part in a sponsored walk

Pupils at Tresco and Bryher school walked around the two islands on Tuesday to bring in around £500 in sponsorship money towards further improvements to their garden at the school base.

The kids have raised cash to buy a shed for tools and equipment to use in their vegetable patch.

They also want to buy a sculpture for the space. One was purchased recently but wasn’t wrapped well by the dispatcher and was damaged on arrival.

Susannah Gates from the Tresco and Bryher school says one of the fund raising ideas, dreamt up by a parent, is a ‘money trail’ along the low wall towards New Grimbsy where people can leave small amounts of loose change.

The youngsters enjoy a pleasant environment for their lunch breaks because of previous garden fundraisers, allowing decking to be purchased and the installation of a wooden bridge.

The youngsters are also making a contribution towards the St Nicholas church restoration fund and Susannah says that total appeal is for around a £250,000.