Plans To Shift Coastguard Cover “Not Set In Stone”

Plans to shift overnight Coastguard cover for the waters around Scilly from Falmouth to a operations centre in the Solent are not set in stone.

Concerns have been expressed that downgrading the Cornish Coastguard base to a daylight-only base would put island water users at risk, as staff would not have the same level of knowledge of the geography and conditions of Scilly.

Minister Mike Penning told the Commons yesterday that the consultation on the proposals to reduce the number of the 24-hour bases from eighteen to three was a listening exercise.

He said he wants everybody involved in the future of the Coastguard to be fully involved in that.

But he added that the Coastguard service “has to modernise.” He added, “We have to have a proper resilience, and we have to have a service which is fit for the 21st Century.”