Annual Dog Show Tomorrow

It’s the fourth annual fundraising and dog show for the Vet Support Group tomorrow at 2pm.

This years event will be held on land next to the new surgery since the usual location, Longstone Heritage Centre, is no longer available and one of the organisers, Jo Probert, said the group have worked hard to prepare the ground for the big day.

The event is the biggest money raiser for the group which, last Christmas, opened a new surgery and accommodation.

Jo says it will be a great event for people to attend. They had about 60 people last year and lots of holiday makers with their dogs and they’d like to top that this year.

She added it’s also a good chance for people to see the new surgery

Jo Probert with her own dog

The role of the Vet Support Group is to provide equipment and facilities which would otherwise not be available here because of the low potential revenue for the practice with our small population.

Jo says the shortfall in funding for the new surgery is down to around £20,ooo and “falling all the time” – she hopes the dog show can help bring this down further.

She also told us she’s proud of everything the group has achieved and all grateful for the help they’ve had from the community.