Sevenstones Inn Closing Doors Until Action Taken Over Alleged Incident

The incident occurred at the Seven Stones Inn on Monday evening

The Sevenstones Inn on St Martin’s has closed its doors and the owner says the pub will remain shut until there’s action over an alleged altercation on the premises on Monday night (see here for story).

Toby Tobin Dougan says he wants the man whom he alleges is at the centre of a fracas to voluntarily leave the islands.

As soon as he does, Toby says, the pub will reopen.

Toby is banking on peer pressure getting him the result he wants and understands he could give away custom to another local business which he is unhappy with, but he says it’s not about trying to score points.

Toby says he can’t meet the terms of his pub license in maintaining public safety.

Councillor Christine Savill said the closure of the pub has brought an unfortunate situation for islanders and visitors on St Martin’s


Update – Friday 10th June


Yesterday the Sevenstones pub was closed when the owner felt he couldn’t guarantee his staff safety after an alleged drunken attack on Monday night.

Toby Tobin Dougan insisted the doors would remain shut until the man whom he accused voluntarily left St Martin’s.

While the pub is open again tonight, ahead of a live music gig tomorrow, Toby claims he’s had overwhelming support from the community.

The man whom he wanted to leave hasn’t but Toby says he’s taking the matter up with police at the highest level and has contacted MP, Andrew George, over the long delay from police to respond to his 999 call.