Scilly Bat Group Detects Rare Bat

Ann Gurr from the Scilly Bat Group

A type of bat never recorded in Scilly before has been heard on St Mary’s.

Ann Gurr from the Bat Group says their detectors, that receive the high frequency calls of the bats, has picked up a female Brown Long-Eared Bat by the Old Church and traced its roost to pines on the Garrison.

In another first, their kit picked up a Leisler’s Bat.

Radio tracking devices have been fitted to bats and the group has been able to drive around with a rooftop receiver to reveal their movements.

The tiny transmitters placed on the bats only radiate a signal for a week, so the project will end soon.

Nine volunteers have been involved in the exercise, with an M.Sc. student and their supervisor from Exeter University.

Ann hopes that they’ll be able to come next year so the process can be repeated.