Police Take Three Hours To Respond To St Martin’s Incident

The incident occurred at the Seven Stones Inn on Monday evening

A St Martin’s man says he’s appalled that it took almost three hours for police to respond to two emergency 999 calls on Monday night.

Toby Tobin Dougan of the Seven Stones Inn claims his first emergency call was at 9.10pm but officers only arrived from St Marys at ten to midnight.

We understand the Ambulance Service, who authorise the use of the ambulance boat for police use, wouldn’t allow it’s use as the on duty staff member was unaware of the shared use agreement when Police Control called.

Islands’ ambulance boss Tony Smith was forced to intervene and ensure the vessel was dispatched.

Two workers employed by St Martin’s Hotel were allegedly involved in a drunken disturbance at the Sevenstones Inn.

Toby alleges there was an altercation when a female bar worker refused to serve them any more drink and he claims he has photographs of a female staff member who had to be treated by colleagues for facial cuts and a black eye.

In a statement to Radio Scilly, St Martin’s Hotel manager, Keith Bradford said “It is regrettable when incidents occur with seasonal staff.’

St Martin's Hotel where the men involved in the alleged incident work

He says he can count on one hand the number of times that the local police have had to visit the hotel over the last seventeen years.

Keith says both staff members have been disciplined for their alcohol-related actions. And Keith says it serves no further useful purpose for business owners to try to score points off each other in public in these trying financial times.

He says the matter was resolved when pub staff went to see him yesterday.

But that isn’t how Toby sees it. He says that pub staff went to see Keith but they will not let this matter drop and Toby wants these people removed the  from the islands or police charges may be pursued.

He adds that “this is not wanted, or should be accepted on the island.”

Police will travel to St Martins to question witnesses today.