Scilly’s Reefs Included In New Conservation Survey

A team of divers from Natural England and SeaScape is on our islands for the next nine days recording data on our water-based biodiversity.

Scilly is one of 25 to 30 areas being studied.

Chris Pirie from Natural England says they’re looking at sub tidal reef communities in our Area of Special Scientific Interest, adding that Scilly has an amazing variety of reef communities including kelp, sponge, soft corals and jewel anemones, marking it out as one of the most special areas in the UK.

Cris Pirie from Natural England

The findings will be fed into a national database and will be compared with future readings to see whether our marine life changes.

Chris Pirie says they’ll look at kelp because it’s a really important part of our sea ecosystem – often described as the rainforest of the sea, kelp provides nursery areas for fish and other species.

Steve Watt says this work effectively christens the new IFCA sea fisheries boat, the Matt Lethbridge adding that this kind of conservation work is a key part of the IFCA’s role.